Crib Version 1.6 (2009-06-30)


Thematic Text
"Barges, freight and profits are what it's all about in Manila, a speculative contest for 3 to 5 players 10 and up. Goods shipments, intended for transport along sea routes, are in danger of gathering dust in the warehouses or being lost at sea in a storm." -- from the publisher

Voyage Order

Each voyage is played in the following order/steps

  1. Bid for Harbor Master (previous Harbor master starts, oldest player for first turn)
  2. Harbor Master buys a share at market value (optional - min price 5)
  3. Harbor Master selects shares to ship and places punts (starting of the 3 punts must total to a value of 9)
  4. Starting with Harbor Master and going clockwise each player places first acomplice (in 3 player game continue placing 2nd accomplice)
  5. Roll dice, move punts
  6. Place next accomplice
  7. Roll dice, move punts, pirate boards if desired
  8. Place last accomplice
  9. Pilots: a) Small +/-1 b) Large +/-2
  10. Roll dice, move punts, pirates plunder (pirate captain decides destination), move shipwrecked punts
  11. Distribute profits, collect insurance
  12. Raise ware value
Accomplice Locations
Claiming a portion of the profit for a successful delivery.
Claiming profit on succesful delivery of a punt into select position.
Claiming profit on shipwreck of punt in to selected position.
Small and Large - Prior to the 3rd dice roll, the pilots may move punts forward or backward 1 space for small and 2 spaces(may be split) for large, to try to affect the outcome of the voyage.
First pirate placed becomes pirate captain. When a punt langs on row 13 by die roll (not by pilot action) the pirates may:
  • After the second roll, the pirate captain then the pirate may choose to board the punt becoming a member of the crew. If the punt is full, they may evict a passenger (this is a variant, official rules say you can't board) If the captian boards the priate becomes captain if he does not board.
  • After the third roll, plunder the punt spliting all the profit amonst the pirates. The pirate captain then decides whether the punts go to to the port or the shipyard, thus influencing the value of the share.
Costs nothing, immediately gets you 10 pesos. However you must pay back to the bank the the cost of any shipwrecked punts in the shipyard. Player must have funds available to play out.
An unencombered share may be used to take a 12 pesos loan from the cash box. This must pay back 15 pesos at the end of the game (or any time). The share is set asside and flipped over to show that it is encumbered. This may be done after winning a bid for harbor master so the share represent potential money.
Blind Passenger
When a player and no cash or cash available via loan or not enough cash to place an accomplice on the least expensive space, he may place a blind passengaer on any vacant place for now cost, or for all his cash. He may due this as long as these conditions are met
Game End
The game ends when the first ware reaches a market value of 30. Each player then adds up all his pesos on hand, plus the current value of all of their shares, and then subtracts 15 pesos for each encumbered share. The player with the most money wins.