Crib Version 1.2 (2009-06-30)


Thematic Text
Which of Earth's former colonies will be the most successful at settling the galaxy, now that the JumpDrive exists? Who will discover the secrets of the mysteriouisly vanished Alien Overlords.

Your Goal: To build the most prosperous and powerful space empire!

Round Order

The bonuses listed apply to the players who choose that action.

  1. Explore
    Each player draws two cards and selects one of them to add to their hand. The other is discarded.
    Two bonuses are available depending on which Explore card was choosen.

    Explore +5 The played draws 5 additional cards (7 total) keeping 1.

    Explore +1/+1 The player draws one additional card (3 total) and keeps one additional cards (2 total).

  2. Develop
    Each player may play one development card (diamond symbol) face down on their board. All players then reveal at the same time and discard the cost of the card from the cards in their hand. Only one of each development card may be active infront of a player
    The cost of the devemopment is reduced by one.
  3. Settle

    Each player places a world card from his hand (circle symbol) face down on their board. All players then reveal at the same time.

    If it has a black cost indicator, they then pay that cost by discarding that number of cards from their hand.

    If it has a red circle and number, it is a Miltary Conquest world and to play the card the players total military power must be equal to or greater than the red defense value. No cards need to be discounted, nor can the cost be paid by discarding (Exception: Contact Specialist allows the cost to be paid for a military world).

    If the world has a colored "halo" around its circle, it is a windfall world. Place a good (card from the deck) on this world.

    The player draws one card after settling.
  4. Consume
    All players must use their consume powers to discards goods. Goods are discards face down (never shown). Each consume power may only be used once. The player decides which goods to discard in which order using whihc consume power.
    There are two bonuses available based on the card selected.

    $: Trade Players who choose this must choose one good to sell prior to consuming goods. Discard the good being sold and draw a number of cards depending on the good being sold. Alien(yellow): 5, Genes(green): 4, Rare elements(brown): 3, Novelty(blue): 2

    2x VPs Players earn double VPs for all goods consumed.

  5. Produce
    Each player places a good (card face down from deck) on each production (non-windwall) world that does not already have a good.
    Player also places goods on windfall worlds.
Game End

The game ends at the end of the round when one of the following conditions has been met.

After all phases are complete, total up the VPs from cards, chips and 6-cost developments. The winner is the one with the most points